Marathoners for Medicine

Good luck to our 2017 Marathoners for Medicine Team!!

  • Andy Cunningham Paris Half  – 1:28:07 on a windy and rainy day!
  • Mike Martin Treasure the Coast Marathon – 3:18:01 
  • Morgan Wasikonis Team One 30K Around the Bay -3:31:28:8
  • Kristie Kaufman 30K Around the Bay  
  • Ladies Creamery Group 30K Around the Bay
  • Jaimie Wright   Garden Spot Village Marathon -3:21:13.6 
  • Costas Maranas Boston Marathon – 3:06:03
  • Dean Capone Boston Marathon -3:43:40
  • Andrew Maguire Boston Marathon- 3:19:35
  • Tara Murray Boston Marathon -3:48:08
  • Mike Zimmerman Boston Marathon -3:12:35
  • Seth Senior Boston Marathon -2:57:06
  • Jim Moore Boston Marathon -3:49:08
  • Bob Shafer Boston Marathon -4:25:31and Pocono Marathon 3:18:20
  • Meira Minard Hyner Challenge -2:42:38 and Pittsburgh Marathon 3:19:32
  • Dan Coughlin Pittsburgh Marathon-3:06:35
  • Doug Schunk Pittsburgh Marathon -3:07:22
  • Monica Mahoney Pittsburgh Half -2:16:35
  • Bill Mahoney Pittsburgh Half -2:14:45
  • Andrew Tatusko Pittsburgh Marathon -3:28:10
  • Erika Christiansen Pittsburgh Half -2:39:01
  • Jake Clements Hyner Challenge -3:01:58 and Buffalo Marathon
  • Sarah Clements Buffalo Marathon
  • Mike Casper Eager Seeger Half Marathon
  • Tom Cali  Shamrock Run Half Marathon -1:33:32 & Pittsburgh Half -1:33:15
  • Martha Nelson Manitou’s Revenge
  • Fred Briggs TBD
  • Mike Renz TBD


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In 2002, John Domico ran the Boston Marathon on behalf of CVIM raising $3,500.  A year later seven runners going to Boston joined John’s fundraising efforts. In 2017, we have 26 (imagine that) runners going to various marathons throughout the United States and beyond. Individuals taking their love of running to a new level…supporting those in need of much needed medical and dental care.

This year’s runners are also joined by the Ladies of the Creamery heading to the 30K Around the Bay on March 25th. 

The Marathoners for Medicine team was selected as a local hero/heroine winner
for the 2014 Central PA July 4th fest.